The Feedback Forum

An avenue for start-ups, idea teas, and scale-ups to get advice and feedback on projects. The feedback comes in the form of but not limited to business development, funding needs, viability, and sustainability.

Why is it important

Many Startups in Africa don’t go beyond a year before folding up. And that can be because of several reasons; from lack to finance to business growth skills, the list is endless.

But with proper guidance, a lot of African start-ups will be able to scale their businesses. And even when they get access to funding, they’ll utilize it well.

Access to Founders Initiative Africa(FIA) Feedback Forum will help give African start-ups the needed boost to grow their businesses.

Expected Results

The forum is beyond coaching. It acts like a community that helps startups network with and get expert guidance. It is a way to bring interaction to the learning process.

The forum will also prepare the start-ups for funding and ensure that the funds don’t go to waste.

With the aid of Investors, Business Development Consultants, and Financial Experts, selected startups will build a successful business.

There will be more businesses thriving in the continent and ultimately a reduced unemployment rate in the long run.

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