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The Founders Chat

The Founders Chat Hosted by The Founders Initiative Africa, Is an opportunity to deepen the involvement of Entrepreneurship Development in building a sustainable Africa. It is a continent-wide conversation involving Startups and Scaleups as they share their progress, challenges, and what they look forward to as Founders in Africa.

The Founders chat is already scheduled to be held between 25th – 30th September

as follows;

North Africa: 25th September 2021

East Africa: 26th September 2021

Central Africa: 27th September 2021

South Africa: 28th September 2021

West Africa: 29th September 2021

General/Stakeholders Conversation: 30th September 2021.

With our primary goal of this chat focused on building a more sustainable Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Africa, we have structured the event follow through as follows

What stage is your business – Start up or scale up?

What are the challenges you are currently facing running your business?

What are the common business challenges in your country?

What is your picture of an Ideal Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

What are the next steps for you and your startup

Are you looking to raise funds

We understand how important the voices of founders need to be heard and acted upon, we understand that needs arise as a result of the challenges of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa, as so this conversation is geared towards exposing this challenges while we work on providing the suitable approach to help founders in Africa.

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